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Creating a Vision to Realise Change


As a consequence of limited reinvestment and increased competition in the market, the pressure was on to turn around this medium sized restaurant chain. The parent company took the decision to re-brand and re-launch the chain and gave the management team only 1 year to show a significant increase in returns. Whilst much work had already been done on the re-brand of the product, the next stage was the re-launch of the company culture and ethos.

Our Approach

It was clear that success required a clear commitment from all involved to turning the business around and to being 100% committed to making this happen. It was felt that without enthusiasm and energy from the Executive team, it would be impossible to inspire and excite the rest of the business to effect the necessary changes in only a year.

To facilitate this, Human Qualities worked with the Executive team to help establish a vision for the immediate and future growth of the business.

With a Human Qualities facilitator, they worked over a two-day period to review the current organisational culture and values and to establish new possibilities for the future. The challenge here was to find the means by which to excite the Executive team to be fully bought into the challenge ahead so that they could then genuinely role model this to the rest of the business. To do this the group reviewed and shared their own visions and motivators. Through a number of experiential learning exercises they then established a clear agreement about the culture and values that worked best for them as a team and that they felt would therefore work best for the business.


The business is still on track to meet their new targets and feedback to date suggests that the new culture and vision is being extremely well received by employees.