Our consultants have been operating in the Change field for over 15 years

In the past 2 years we have developed and managed over 60 events for change leaders and their teams.

Change consultancy makes up around 40% of our revenue.

Our approach

Human Qualities’ approach to change is underpinned by the following core beliefs:

  • Change is inherently uncomfortable for people - it requires conscious effort and needs support and positive reinforcement to happen successfully
  • People need a strong reason to change - you need a burning platform and a clear, compelling vision for change and to communicate these repeatedly
  • Any change intervention will only succeed if people change their behaviour - and changing habits takes time and repetition
  • Behaviour change needs to be role-modelled from the top - the commitment of senior stakeholders is key to avoiding the change being undermined
  • You need to manage the psychological and emotional aspects of change - otherwise resistance will build up and engagement will not be effective


Our Change solutions

Our work with clients in the area of change centres around the above beliefs. 

We work on change interventions at an organisational, functional, team and individual level.

Our change solutions include:

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