Seminars and events

Details of future events to follow. Below is a sample schedule from our most recent seminar.

High Impact, Low Cost Talent Management

A free Breakfast Seminar:
The Old Laundry, London (nearest tube: Baker Street)

Time Session
08:15 Arrival & Breakfast
Managing Talent in a Tough Climate

Our highly experienced business psychologists will begin by outlining Human Qualities’ core principles for managing talent in an economic downturn - derived from over 25 years experience in over 50 leading organisations.  This session will include an opportunity for you to benchmark your organisation’s current levels of commitment and effectiveness in relation to talent management.

High Impact, Low Cost Talent Management

We know, from listening to our clients, that in the current climate there is a real need to make talent management an even bigger priority. We have also heard that budgets and time are now, more than ever, being squeezed. In response to these challenges, Human Qualities has developed a unique, high impact, low cost approach to inspire your managers to keep talent high on their agenda and to navigate the maze of talent management.

This session will introduce you to the Human Qualities’ “Talent Toolkit” which:

  • packages powerful development techniques into one practical, easy to use framework
  • is based on tried and tested psychological principles
  • incorporates innovative tools and activities that can be used on a day to day basis
  • has at its core, Human Qualities’ robust talent development model
  • provides users with a clear road map to guide their efforts with any given member of their team
  • increases managers’ commitment to, and time spent on, talent
  • significantly enhances managers’ skills and capabilities in developing talent

Also in this session we will talk about how you can implement this methodology in your organisation and empower your managers to become Talent Champions for the future. If you still need further convincing, we will also share a case study about how one of our client organisations has seen some impressive results through the use of this tool.

10:00 Networking Coffee and Q&A
10:30 Close