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Our consultants have been operating in the Talent Management field for over 25 years

We are specialists in designing and running Talent Development Centres (TDCs).

We are a leading supplier of Talent Development Centres, both in the UK and internationally.
Around 50% of our business comes from designing and running Talent Development Centres.

In the past 2 years we have developed and managed over 90 Talent Development Centre events with our clients.

Last year over 200 managers went through one of our Talent Development Centres.

Our approach

Human Qualities’ approach to talent is underpinned by the following core beliefs:

  • Any organisation needs a clear, agreed definition of “talent” - this is the foundation of any coherent talent management strategy
  • It is possible to identify potential - effective talent management looks to the future in assessing people’s potential as well as their past/current performance
  • Objective assessment is a foundation for an effective talent management strategy - this enables you to identify where talent already exists and where it needs to be grown in the organization
  • Talent management is a leadership issue - line managers are the key to unlocking talent across the organisation and have a clear role to play here
  • Talent development should focus on leveraging strengths as well as addressing development needs - people realise their full potential through achieving a balance between utilising their talents and developing their limiters

Our Talent solutions

Our work with clients in the area of talent centres around the above beliefs. 

We work on talent interventions at an organisational, functional, team and individual level.

Our talent solutions include:

To find out more about how we can help your organisation to select and develop talent, call us on 44 (0)7588 193956 or e-mail us at