Assessment and developmental centre exercises

To support our work in understanding and realising potential, we have developed a portfolio of some of the most challenging and engaging Assessment/Development Centre exercises on the market - we call these our Stretch Simulations.

Stretch Simulations:

  • Challenging leadership scenarios
  • Based on actual business case studies
  • Assessor guidelines clearly outline good / less good business decisions
  • Assessor guidelines validated by senior managers / technical experts
  • DIL (Direct Indicator Linking) improves rating accuracy
  • Tried and tested with international managers

Business Leadership Simulations

We currently have thirteen stand-alone and one integrated suite of exercises designed for top executives: presidents, vice presidents, directors and senior managers. These exercises contain commercial data, real business decisions and demanding negotiations. We have a number of other senior management exercises that we can tailor to your requirements.

Written Exercises

Alchemist EP In-Tray Exercise
Capital Drinks Strategy In-Tray Exercise
Capital Drinks Board Paper Written Exercise
Plaza Media In-Tray Exercise
Project Concord Leadership Written Exercise


Capital Drinks Leadership Role-play Exercise
Capital Drinks Supplier Role-play Exercise
Jebson-Argyle Role-play Exercise
Rawlins Publishing Role-play Exercise
Reacom Ltd Role-play Exercise
Vineways Role-play Exercise

Group Exercises

Capital Drinks Emergency Group Exercise
Capital Drinks HR Strategy Group Exercise
Ecidan National Winemakers Association Group Exercise
Loro Beer Group Exercise


Capital Drinks Business Planning Presentation Exercise
Ecidan National Winemakers Association Presentation Exercise
Fast Track Sports Shoes Presentation Exercise
Investment Analysts Presentation Exercise
Plaza Media Presentation Exercise

Integrated Suite of Exercises

Capital Drinks

Management & Professional Simulations

Middle managers and professionals can be assessed by the following exercises. Depending on the exact nature of the competencies required, it may be appropriate to consider exercises from Business Leadership and Management Potential sections as well. We have a number of additional middle management and professional exercises that we can tailor to your requirements.

Written Exercises

Iser (FMCG) Written Exercise
Megafit Analytical Exercise


Innotech Solutions Role-play Exercise
ISER(FMCG) Role-play Exercise
Ritchie & Ritchie Role-play Exercise
Tellon Role-play Exercise
ToyPlay Toy Shop People Management Role-play Exercise
Workforce Communications Role-play Exercise

Group Exercises

Ritchie & Ritchie Group Exercise
Towerbuild Group Exercise
ToyPlay Toy Shop Group Exercise
Warehouse Fire Group Exercise

Management Potential Simulations

When auditing the up and coming potential in your organisation, you are in effect assessing the capability at your disposal in the future. If this is going to prove the basis for ongoing decisions, you may find that the following suite of exercises allows you to assess the essential ingredients that you are looking for. We have a number of additional high potential and graduate exercises that we can tailor to your requirements.

Written Exercises

Select Technical Care Written Exercise
Select Technical Care Scheduling Exercise


Fun Park Role-play Exercise
Templemans Role-play Exercise
Yanobi Helpdesk Role-play Exercise

Group Exercises

The Business Development Scheme Group Exercise
Fun Park Group Exercise
Stellar plc Group Exercise
Yanobi Helpdesk Group Exercise


Yanobi Helpdesk Presentation Exercise

Psychometric Questionnaires and Tests

As qualified psychometricians, we design bespoke tests and questionnaires for a number of our regular clients as well as conducting validation studies for tests and questionnaires in application. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

We have three instruments available for purchase off the shelf. These make a useful addition to an assessment or development centre, a training course or can be used in one-to-one coaching.

Managing Change Questionnaire
Motivation at Work Questionnaire

To find out more about Stretch Simulations or to place an order, please e-mail us at

Please note our Stretch Simulations are currently only available as hard copies.