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Team Building for a Marketing Function


A newly appointed Marketing Director within a leading financial services organisation was keen to find a way to help his new Executive to quickly gel as a team.

Our Approach

Human Qualities worked with him to design a team workshop to facilitate this process. In preparation for the workshop, each member of the Executive completed two short questionnaires aimed at increasing their self-awareness of their typical style of working, and how this might impact on others.

The main focus of the workshop was on sharing information, in order to enhance communication and understanding of each other. The Appreciative Inquiry methodology was used to maintain a positive emphasis to the day.

As part of the workshop, the team put together an action plan, focusing on how to work together most effectively. This included the implementation of similar events for each of the Executive’s own teams.

These events were tailored to the needs of each specific team - some had worked together as a team for a long time, others were brand new to the area, thus requiring a different approach. The workshops were designed with a strong practical emphasis to help each team to work through each stage of the learning cycle, using experiential techniques, review and feedback. For more established teams, 360 o feedback was also included in the process.


Two further workshops have since been run with the Executive, who were going through a period of significant and complex change. These events enabled them to explore their feelings and the options open to them, helping them to remain effective as a group during this time of transition.

Further team workshops are planned once the new structure has been embedded.