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Developing Management Skills for New Managers


Rapid expansion within an IT company meant rapid progression for its people. In many cases this meant promotion into a management role. Knowing how to manage people to get the best from them was seen as a key way to facilitate continued organisational growth and success. It was therefore critical that new managers were effective in their roles from the start. As such, a need was identified for skills training for new managers.

Our Approach

To provide a clear framework for these managers, Human Qualities first met with them to identify the skills, abilities, style, values and knowledge needed for them to be successful. This competency framework provided an open understanding of the standards and styles of behaviour required by the organisation of its managers.

Human Qualities then worked closely with the organisation to design an integrated development programme aimed at helping new managers gain a greater understanding of their role and how to use this to get the best results from their team. This programme involves:

  • one-to-one sessions with Human Qualities consultants, to discuss specific needs
  • self-assessment questionnaires, to increase understanding of own style
  • formal training input, to inform on current management thinking
  • experiential learning, to enhance skills and understanding
  • case studies and role-plays, to practice skills
  • teach-ins, to consolidate learning
  • follow-up sessions to review progress and discuss issues encountered
  • a bespoke 360 o feedback process (using Online Qualities) based on the organisation's own management competencies, to gain feedback on effectiveness of behaviours.


The programme has been received extremely positively, and many managers have seen an immediate improvement in their skills base. We have been running this programme for over 6 years now and have since also developed and run a development programme for middle managers focusing on how to manage through change.