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Applying Global Standards in Selection


A global FMCG organisation was keen to ensure the mobility of its managers world-wide. This required them to have globally acknowledged standards for the assessment of its graduate trainees.

Our Approach

Human Qualities were asked to help in the training of line managers involved in the selection of management trainees. The training involves an intens ive 4-day programme where line managers from different parts of the company (geographically and functionally) are trained to design and run an effective selection procedure in different parts of the world, with different types of applicant group. The focus is on the maintenance of an organisational standard of competence in this population, so that movement of managers later in their career would be possible without potential variability in standard.

The programme was desi gned by Human Qualities in conjunction with the Global HR team and incorporated the company's own assessment exercises and best practice procedures. It has been regularly updated to take account of changes in the business.


Initially the programme was rolled out across the business to incorporate those who would be involved in running and co-ordinating selection for Graduate trainees in different parts of the world. The programme is now run two or three times a year to ensure a sufficient pool of trained managers and to meet specific end-market needs. Human Qualities have since worked with the organisation to update and enhance its range of global assessment tools and exercises. The organisation now has globally recognised processes and standards for Graduate recruitment, which enable it to identify and select young talent into the business on a global basis.